Slate Theory 2019 Merlot

I’m not one of those who shies away from Merlot. It has a good place in a wine rotation. Perfect for when you want something with substance, but not as heavy as some other varietals. The 2019 Slate Theory Merlot (more) was a perfect Wednesday night wine.

It has a stone fruit scent like a mixture of cherry and plum. The flavor is “big berry” with a little bit of an acidic finish. But the finish leaves you wanting more.

Normally you probably wouldn’t think of pairing Merlot with Mexican food – but it really worked well.

Final Thoughts

The wine smoothed out the spice that was in the beans (vegetarian dinner) without killing it and it kept its berry flavor. It wasn’t bad with the mango salsa either. Overall, not bad for a “leftover” dinner. The wine really elevated it to something more elegant. I’m not loving the new bowls – what do you think?

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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