Ty’s Viognier

I picked up a bottle of this during my recent visit to the Triple D Winery & Event Center in Brownfield, Texas. (website) We tried Mary’s Viognier first – which is a dry Viognier.

Ty’s Viognier is a sweet Viognier that smells like champagne. During the tasting it had a lingering yeast finish, but was super drinkable. It’s noted that Ty is the Teddy Bear of the relationship, which is why his Viognier is sweet. I thought this Thursday wine should be paired with grilled fish, oysters or pickles.

I ended up pairing it with two different meals. The first was the same citrus shrimp I did with the English Newsome Trebbiano. I think I liked the Trebbiano a bit better, but the Viognier brought out the sweetness of the citrus shrimp and went well with the bacon in the brussels sprouts. It was “okay” with the chicken cordon bleu and asparagus. It wasn’t a horrible pairing, but it didn’t do the wine justice.

Final Thoughts

One of the scent profiles picked up on by my husband was Hay. I still didn’t smell it – even with the asparagus. However, this is a super sweet Viognier that tastes like sugared almonds and lemon chiffon. It really does need a food with a bit more acid – and had I thought about it before I finished the bottle – I would have tested to see if my pickle theory was right.

Don’t let my poor pairings scare you – this is an excellent wine and well worth ordering from their website. The website says it pairs well with grilled shrimp – and I’d agree the shrimp that weren’t heavily coated in the citrus marinade went really well.

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