Brennan Wine Tasting

During our summer road trip, we stopped by Brennan Vineyards in Comanche, Texas. (website) The tasting room is lovely, as is the charcuterie board. You can see some pictures below. I am late in writing up my notes, and one of the things that struck me now (not at the time) was that almost all of the wine we tried were blends. Only the Petite Syrah was a single varietal.

Austin Street Red 2017

Their Notes: Aromas of ripe cherries, sweet wood and vanilla.

My Notes: This had an acidic scent but a sweet taste. It had a good cherry flavor – almost like a cherry fried pie. I’d liken this red blend to a pinot noir – it will go with just about anything on a Wednesday night.

Buffalo Roam

Their Notes: Grippy tannins with flavors of tart cherries and black currents. Fantastic BBQ pairing.

My Notes: This is a blend of cabernet franc and petite sirah. In my opinion, you need to like cabernet franc to like this wine. I’m sometime not a fan. Despite that it paired well with the Havarti cheese. It s drier than expected but that’s the cabernet franc – which also gave it its very berry smell. I gave it a Wednesday rating because it is very easily drinkable – but personally, I’ll need to be in the mood for a cabernet franc blend.

2019 Super Nero

Their Notes: Tart cherries, fruit punch, red plums, tobacco and cinnamon spice.

My Notes: This had a plummy/sugary scent. It had a deep flavor that I couldn’t place, but it was really good with the gouda. The salami and olives mellowed it nicely. My tasting partner described it as “caramel cinnamon” flavored but with a very berry flavor. I’d agree that it would pair well with tomato based pastas, especially on a Wednesday night.

Winemaker’s Choice Vol 7

Their Notes: Youthful fruit forward with hints of cherries and smoke. Firm tannins with a soft finish, notes of oak and vanilla.

My Notes: The website has a better description of this than I can give it. Its a non-vintage blend. It had the same sugary scent as the Nero, but deeper. I thought it tasted of brown sugar. It was good on its own but just “ok” with the apple and not bad with the cheese. In fact, I ended up sitting and drinking it without thinking when I ordered a glass. I’d give this a Thursday night rating – so you have a bit more time to enjoy it, but it’s perfect for any day.

Petite Sirah Reserve 2019

Their Notes: Loved for its extraordinary deep color and full-bodied flavors of blueberries, chocolate, plums and black pepper.

My Notes: This was my least favorite of all the wines. This Tuesday wine had good strawberry scent and a very berry flavor. It was smooth but tannic but needed more tannic food to go with it.

Final Thoughts

The tasting was lovely. The only thing that dampened it was the tasting room staff. It felt like we were interrupting their afternoon routine – and attempts to engage them in conversation were met with limited answers. We were told we didn’t have to stand at the bar and could go sit after the first glass. I think they were tired of us listening to their conversations – but we really were interested in the type of certification training they were planning. Never did get a good answer. We did have to inquire after food. Once we weren’t right in their space, they were much nicer, but it did start the tasting off on the wrong foot. It’s well worth a visit if you’re out that direction. And you can sit outside, not just inside, if you are so inclined.

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