Who Am I?

I’m just a girl raised in the south who loves wine.  I’ve been to wine classes, attend wine dinners, and listen in when people talk about wine in stores.  I’ve even been known to have a subscription to one of those fancy wine only magazines.  That doesn’t mean I know anything about wine, even if I have an MBA. 

But what I do know is how to organize and classify things.  Having a background as a librarian does that for you.  Am I still a librarian? No – but I am the Head of Information Management, which is a fancy title for about the same job only with data in the cloud (read online). 

I wasn’t fully raised as Southern Belle, it was more of a battle between grandmothers.  One had Victorian ideals and standards, and the other leaned more towards being a Southern Belle…

But, you know I’m Old South because my pearls are real, my china is bone, and I own crystal wine glasses that can go in the dishwasher, but I also have the hand cut that has to be carefully hand washed and I won’t let my husband touch them.  I believe in dresses over pantsuits, red lipstick goes with everything, and take out still deserves the silver flatware and linen napkins. 

Welcome to GRITS (girl raised in the south) and Wine.


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  1. sebastian George says:

    cool site. very interesting. You are a girl with many talents.

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