Farmhouse Vineyards 2021 Cultivated Red

I needed – let me rephrase that – I wanted a red wine on Friday night. My husband wanted pizza. Luckily the back of this bottle says it pairs with pizza. And I trust Farmhouse Vineyards (more) to not steer me wrong – and they didn’t once again.

The website says: “What To Take to Dinner” crowd-pleaser wine. And I would agree, if you haven’t drunk it all yourself first.

This wine is 30% Dolcetto, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cinsaut, 10% Counoise, 10% Syrah and 10% Mourvèdre. It has an amazing ruby claret color to it and smells like spice, fruit and dust. My husband said strawberry when smelling and raspberry after tasting it – but I said it explodes in your mouth like a tart cherry cobbler/pie. He said plum.

We were both right – in a way….

Farmhouse describes this red as “An explosion of plum & berry fruit, laced with Rainier Cherry and Swedish Licorice. Light tannins are present in the fore-mouth with a juicy mid-palate and long satisfying finish.”

Final Thoughts

It went really well with the delivery supreme pizza. It’s great with mushrooms – so I can see this being good with a chicken marsala or beef stroganoff.

On it own the berry flavor really comes out. But with the store bought iced sugar cookies (you know the ones that come in packs of 8 with sprinkles) it was absolutely amazing. The sugar popped in both the cookies and the wine.

I really need to order some more of this as it could be the go to wine for pizza night (which is usually Monday). However, this wine drinks like a Friday or Saturday night.

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