Lost Draw – 2022 Picpoul Blanc

When I reviewed this wine from Lost Draw (more) I originally thought I’d just sit on my porch and drink it. Read about that here.

Instead I paired this with H-E-Bs Lobster Ravioli entrée. It has a lemon cream herb sauce and the ravioli pasta is filled with sweet lobster, ricotta, herbs and spices. Plus, there’s diced zucchini and spinach on the side to which I added more zucchini and spinach.

It went really well with the zucchini. The spinach brought out the acid in the wine (in a good way). The ravioli sweetened the wine and gave it a buttery pear flavor. It was really good with the cream sauce.

Final Thoughts

Upon opening this bottle, I immediately got a lemon sorbet sent, and it tasted like crisp lemon with a meringue finish. The pairing choices I made meant the lemon flavor continued, but wasn’t as contrived as something overtly lemon.

It’s a very drinkable wine – either by itself on the porch – or with a Thursday night dinner. Unfortunately, it appears to be sold out on Lost Draw’s website, which is a shame a this is a pairing I’d like to repeat.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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