The Black Ostrich Flight

The final flight in our Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard (website) visit. We were enjoying the view and the relaxed atmosphere so much, we forgot to take pictures of the wine bottles or of the wine. Despite that, we would highly recommend a visit to the winery (don’t forget they have a guest house). This tasting is described as “Some of our most loved semi-sweet and sweet wines.”

Sweet Serendipity

Their Notes: High Plains; Fruity with notes of candied Meyer Lemon zest

My Notes: We noted that this had a muscat scent – so very sugary. However, we felt the wine itself was a bit flat. Again, despite this being the first in the tasting, I made very little notes myself or from my tasting companions, so that should tell you something….


Their Notes: High Plains; Semi sweet, light bodied Riesling

My Notes: This has a white grape juice flavor and is very light in both color, scent and taste. I’ll just come out and say it – it’s a porch pounder. It lives up to the description of the flight. Yet at the same time, we thought it would make a great book club wine or an easy dinner of chicken salad, or something grilled.

Roscato Moscato

Their Notes: High Plains; Sweet & fruity blush with notes of citrus

My Notes: This is a super dark pink, so I’m sad I didn’t photograph it. It smells like a rosé with a super sugar scent. Yet the flavor is a bit spicy. We didn’t get any citrus flavors, but decided you could mix this with something sparkling to make a wine cooler. So, not the best compliment to a wine to say it would make a good Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler – consider it a compliment on the drinkability of the wine. Not quite a porch pounder, but light enough to just enjoy after work with friends.


Their Notes: High Plains; Sweet red blend best served slightly chilled

My Notes: This a porch pounder in red. Usually they are rosé or white. It is super sugary sweet in scent and taste. I don’t actually have many notes myself or from my three tasting companions. It wasn’t our favorite, so not the best way to end our tasting journey.

Final Thoughts

There are still about eight or nine wines on Blue Ostrich’s list that we didn’t try and we probably could have sat and enjoyed the scenery and weather if we didn’t need to head to dinner.

So, my advice is to make sure you have time to spend when you visit. The drive is lovely through sweeping curves and hills just south of the red river. All in all, we’ll definitely head back up to the winery another time.

And you can either stay at the guest house on the property, or check out our favorite Bed & Breakfast nearby – Elm Creek Manor (website).

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