Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard Postscript

We actually were enjoying the view when we were offered the chance to try a couple more wines. Here’s what we thought of this “postscript” tasting from Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyards (website).

2017 Portejas

Their Notes: Estate Grown; Barrel aged Tempranillo fortified to 19.5% ABV in a Port style

My Notes: We loved the color of this wine, but really didn’t like the scent – found it a bit harsh, which is odd for a port style wine. We got flavors of cinnamon, apple and clove. It made us think of a winter’s night in front of the fireplace. We decided this was a date night wine – perfect to cuddle up and just enjoy your partner’s company.

Reserve Tempranillo

My Notes: They don’t have notes on this one on their website or menu. It received mixed reviews from the group. One person said it smelled like Oklahoma – meaning the red dirt, which does have a distinct scent. Another said it smelled and tasted like medicine to them. Personally, I found it to be flat – meaning no depth of flavor – especially compared to the other Texas Tempranillo’s I’d tasted recently. Despite that we gave it a Wednesday rating.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure what else I can say that I didn’t say in my first three reviews. If you missed the Blue Ostrich Flight review find it here, find the Red Ostrich Flight review here, and find he Black Ostrich Flight review here. However, I will say that Blue Ostrich has a well rounded offering for lots of different types of wine drinkers, so you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Follow them on Facebook (here) for their special events.

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