2017 Montepulciano (Cultivated Sirēz)

This 100% Montepulciano from Farmhouse Vineyard’s Crookshouse Block is part of the Cultivated Sirēz I received in the fourth quarter wine club box. To read more about what’s behind the Sirēz, check out this post. (link)

The tasting notes:

On the Nose: Imagine a dusty cigar box for the saving of all your treasured things.

Inhale aromas of Medjool Dates, Plumbs [sic], and Red Currents. On the palate, deep raspberry Jam laced wit boysenberry/blueberry fruit leather combined. The nuance of freshly hewn oak beams envelops your senses. The wine is elegant upon entry into the mouth, with juicy acidity throughout. Spend enough time, and you’ll find a pleasant hint of grippyness on the roof and central palate.

My Notes

Believe it or not, the vegetable lasagna in the picture went really well with the Farmhouse Montepulciano. It was a floral, cherry, plum, leather, dust scent. But the flavor was more of a sour cherry that just explodes on the tongue. It is a bit acidic and leaves a taste in your mouth so you want more. It was a spicy warming – but not in that high alcohol way. I’d say “comforting.” My partner in wine got Australian Black Licorice in the flavor.

Final Thoughts

The H-E-B vegetable lasagna was heavy on the broccoli, but the wine made the heavy green broccoli flavor sweet. I can see how it would have paired better with a spicy red sauce, but it was a perfect Wednesday night wine on a cold winters night. It wasn’t bad with the cracker jacks after dinner – it brought out the spice and acid. Not a pairing I’d recommend, but the wine didn’t lose its drinkability. All in all the goal of a comforting warm dinner was achieved.

Unfortunately, the 2017 vintage is sold out. You can enjoy the 2019 vintage from Farmhouse Vineyards by ordering it off their website. See here. Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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