The Blue Ostrich Flight

A recent trip with friends took us to near Muenster, Texas (just west of Gainesville, Texas. If you get a chance, check out Elm Creek Manor – the fabulous bed and breakfast where we stayed. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate some birthdays and some anniversaries and just get away and enjoy the wineries in the western part of the Texoma AVA.

The first one we visited was Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard (website). They have a guest house where you can stay on the property. Officially, the address is in St. Jo, Texas – which is about 1.5 hours outside of DFW, or about 20 minutes from the bed and breakfast. They have three flights, this is the first one.

According to the flight menu this is the “dry white wine flight. Discover the perfect wine to sip this summer.”

2019 Viognier

Their Notes: High Plains; Fuller in body, with flavors of kiwi and passion fruit

My Notes: You can smell the sugar, but it tastes like tart green apple. Not a favorite of the group tasting. I have very little notes on it – which means it really wasn’t one we enjoyed. Which is odd for the first wine in a tasting.

2019 Trebbie

Their Notes: Arrezo, Italy; Dry white blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia Bianca, and Chardonnay

My Notes: Only wine not made or grown in Texas. The grapes are grown in Italy and the wine is made there. It has a great bouquet (smell) but the flavor falls flat. We decided it needed food. You can definitely taste the chardonnay.


Their Notes: Texas; A crisp blend of Viognier and Roussanne

My Notes: The website adds “and balanced” to the description. It smells like a typical chardonnay to one of our tasters. Personally I thought it was just had an acidic scent. A very light wine. It needs to go with a fish, like salmon. Although one in the group suggested turkey. I can see that – it would make a good light white wine for Thanksgiving dinner.

2020 Poco Seco

Their Notes: High Plains; Dry white with notes of orange blossom & citrus

My Notes: I noted this was a dry orange muscat. It has a muscat scent – so super sugary. However it has a bit of a spice to it, which was brought out by the salt on the sweet potato chips we ended up ordering after our discussion on Thanksgiving wines. We decided it could be a generous Tuesday wine – if you were feeling like Tuesday was really a Monday during a short week.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the white flight was not our favorite – but I can say that having tasted the other two flights. We definitely didn’t discover the prefect wine to sit and sip this summer. Not that we would turn any of them down if we were offered a glass. Look for the Red Ostrich and Black Ostrich flights in a few days.

However, we gave the facilities an A+. The view, which we had been told was amazing, is actually stunning and I will have to go back and watch the sun set over the vineyard (see below).

View from Patio at Blue Ostrich Vineyard and Winery


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