Ron Yates Tasting

Since we’d been out to Sandy Road, we had to stop at Ron Yates (website). For those of you who don’t remember or didn’t read the Sandy Road post, the winemaker works for both. My partner in wine and I decided to do a tasting each, so we could try more wines.

Picpoul Blanc 2022

This was a fresh and very fruity wine with a tart finish. Not as much lemon as the Lost Draw – more of a mixed citrus profile. Still a perfect wine for watching the sunset from the porch.

2022 Sangiovese

It’s a very fruit forward scented wine. In fact my tasting partner described it as “Hi, I’m a Fruit Salad.” Personally I thought it to be more of a cherry fluff scent. Remember “cherry fluff” that staple of Southern holidays and funerals? That pink fluffy marshmallow, cherry salad – that sometimes had coconut or pineapple? I just didn’t like the ones made with nuts. Not familiar – Google will show you. Now that I’ve gone on a tangent – back to the wine. It tastes nothing like it smells, so perfect Sangiovese for antipasti.

Grenache Rosé – 2022

This had a really peachy scent with a strawberry jam finish. It was really mouthwatering. It’s aged in stainless steel after spending 4 hours on the skin. Huge shoutout to my friends over at Farmhouse Vineyards, who grew this grenache!

2019 Friessen Tempranillo

This had a cherry molasses scent to it. It was picked with a high brix (sugar content) and yet it’s acidic but not astringent. Despite being from the Texas High Plains, I didn’t get any of the usual petroleum flavor.

It’s a Tempranillo that doesn’t need a steak with it. Just a good Wednesday night sit and sip wine.

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

I got anchovy, jalapeño, tomato leaf and black pepper in the scent. Yet the taste was pure fruit with some black pepper and leather. It ages 50% in New French Oak. And despite my very short review, 2 bottles came home – so deeper review later.

2018 Amalgamation

I love the word amalgamation – it just has so many groups of meanings.

In this case it’s Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot. Very much a “Bordeaux style” blend. Despite the acidic scent it had a sweet fruit taste with a hint of chocolate. It just kept giving in terms of flavors, so I brought a bottle home to explore in more depth on a Thursday.

2019 Merlot

This merlot is perfect for a Tuesday night with its black fruit and sugar flavors. It would go well with a pot roast – or left over Sunday pot roast on garlic Texas toast.

Final Thoughts

The pictures below really do not do the ground justice, although the building storm clouds were fun to watch over the expansive lawn and grapevines. The afternoon we went it was really quiet – but I can see how they would be crowded on a Saturday. The wine is really good – and reservations are highly recommended.

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