The Red Ostrich Flight

The second tasting flight at Blue Ostrich Winery and Vineyard (website). The menu said this is “one dry rosé and three dry red wines.

2021 Sun Kissed

Their Notes: High Plains; Dry Mourvèdre rosé with notes of stone fruit and red berries

My Notes: This rosé had the scent of strawberries with a long finish. I enjoyed sipping it but didn’t find it to be all that overwhelming (although if you read this blog you know I’m not fond of rosé wines, so that might be it). My tasting companions had no notes.

2019 Syrah

Their Notes: Wise County; Medium bodied dry red with notes of dried fig and sweet tobacco

My Notes: The grapes for this wine are grown near Boyd & Decatur, Texas. When poured the air bubbles created actually lasted for a while. It has a dark cherry and smokey taste. Definitely not a High Plains Syrah, a bit smoother. We decided this one would go well with Momma Deb’s beef stew or pot roast. Or for something a bit more exotic – maybe duck. A solid Sunday night wine.

2019 Empty Sea

Their Notes: Texas; 50% Mourvèdre, 33% Tannat and 17% Cabernet Sauvignon

My Notes: This had a really deep color. It was dry, but with flavors of dark fruit and bubblegum (yes, like Hubba Bubba). The scent and flavor have a hint of chocolate. One taster described it as a “heartier scent.” Despite the odd description this is a good Date Night wine.

Ranch Hand

Their Notes: Lodi; Dry red blend. Label artwork by renowned artist, Donna Howell Sickles

My Notes: This is 99% California in taste, despite the petroleum flavor usually found in High Plains reds. Definitely not a Texas red blend. It had more scent when it warmed up. We got flavors of red fruit with a good spice. One individual in our group just plain didn’t like it, which I can see as this wine is a unique blend. We didn’t see the label, so no comments on that. But we’d give it a Tuesday rating.

Final Thoughts

There are actually three types of ostriches – blue, red and black. Not sure what our friend in the photo at the top is, but he definitely liked showing off. We actually came home with two bottles from this flight – the Syrah and the Empty Sea.

As I’m a bit late in publishing this post, I am happy to note that the Empty Sea was recognized with a BEST IN TEXAS gold medal at Grapefest in Grapevine, TX. I can say it is definitely well deserved.

If you missed the first post on the Blue Ostrich Flight, check it out here.

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