Lewis 2022 Mourvèdre

I picked this up during my fall trip through the Hill Country when I stopped at Lewis Wines (website). It’s a Mourvèdre from Phillips Vineyard in the Texas High Plains. I decided to pair it with a Thanksgiving style dinner.

My Notes:

This had a nice berry flavor to it with undertones of vinegar which highlighted the cherry flavor. Think homemade cherry coke or cherry RC. There’s some spice to the flavor.

It went really well with the kale, giving it a lemony note. It paired amazingly well with the bacon wrapped turkey with apple, cranberry and pecan stuffing. (Find at H-E-B here.) And it was delightful with the regular out of the box stuffing.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame I didn’t pick up more than one bottle. I didn’t rate it when I wrote up my tasting notes (see here). However, this was definitely a Thursday wine. It was a wine to sit down, slow down, use the good plates and just enjoy dinner. It’s hard to pair wine with kale, so this was a rare pairing. I can only hope that Lewis Wines releases another vintage.

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