The Stag Pinot Noir

As a result of my high ankle sprain we spent Thanksgiving at home. It was actually quite nice to have a quiet dinner for two.

I had jokingly told my darling husband that a turkey TV dinner would be fine. He surprised me with one. But as he was cooking and cleaning, I didn’t mind.

This is Lazy Dog’s Turkey Dinner – with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and apple/blackberry pie. It’s actually quite good.

This wine is earthy and sugary. It has a bold flavor and a very dry finish. It’s very ripe – meaning it smells and tastes older than it really is (since this was a 2020). With a 14.5% ABV, (high alcohol) it was not surprising that it was really warming. It was okay with the turkey and potatoes. It was nice with the stuffing. But it really went well with the apple/blackberry pie and became juicy.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the other Stag we tried – this one is much more of a crowd pleaser. So, while it wasn’t the perfect wine for our specific dinner, I can see how it would be really good on a Thursday with steak, meatloaf or even a pork tenderloin. It might go better with cornbread stuffing that bread stuffing – or something more southern. We’re willing to try it again. Maybe at Easter with a crown of lamb or some beef wellington.

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