A Sangiovese with Friends

Orecchiette with house made Italian sausage, broccolini, parmesan

To pair with my favorite dish, I tried a different wine. I ordered a glass of G Fanti Rosso Sangiovese and that is what my receipt says I had. However, as you can see from the label on this post, I actually had a Poggio Landi Rosso di Montalcino, based on the label the server poured.

Either way, it was a good decent Sangiovese. Dinner was on a Friday and this was more of a Wednesday wine, but normally the sausage is a bit spicier, so I wanted a wine to “cool” the spice, but not kill either the meal or the wine. This wine was perfect for that, so if I can figure out which one it was, I’ll order it again.

Final Thoughts

I had said to the server that I would “try” the wine. That should have told them I wasn’t familiar with it, so rather than pour me a whole glass and walk off, they should have poured me a taste to see if I’d really want to spend $15 on the glass. And I probably should have stopped them before walking off, but I was out with friends and this sweet southern girl didn’t want to make a fuss since we were celebrating a birthday.

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