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Continuing the visits on my tour of Texas Hill Country wineries to celebrate California Wine Month, the next up was Lewis Wines (website). I snuck in for a lunchtime tasting. The drive to the grounds is beautiful in that undisturbed Texas Hill Country style and the winery itself is lovely. I wish I didn’t have to go back to work for a project meeting, or I would have sat on the patio all afternoon.

2022 Chenin Blanc

My Notes: Light Lemon scent with a tart flavor and long finish. There was a flavor I could not place and I could never figure it out but it did have a high minerality to it. Great Monday wine with chicken or fish.

2022 Parr Mourvèdre Rosé

My Notes: This, as cliched as it sounds, smelled of roses and sea salt. The taste for me was melon, honey, graham crackers with at tart lemon type finish. I’d have this with take-out on Tuesday.

2022 Carbonic Mourvèdre

Tasting Room Notes: A “young and fun” wine.

My Notes: The scent was that of blue raspberry to me – much like the blue raspberry syrup in a slushie or Blue Raspberry Hubba Bubba gum. Luckily it doesn’t taste like it smells, as I am not a fan of blue raspberry. Th e taste was that of lavender, creme Brule and honey.

2018 Parr Tempranillo

My Notes: It has that “Tempranillo” smell but a smooth flavor. This Tempranillo doesn’t need food, and I really wanted to sit on the patio, enjoy the weather and a glass of this wonderful wine – instead I had to bring a bottle home.

Final Thoughts

I also got to taste the 2022 High Plains Rosé, since I loved the 2021 (rea]d more here). It’s peachier than the 2021 one – but still perfect for quiche or the porch. I also snuck in a taste of the Rainwater – which drinks more like a whisky than a fortified wine. Alas. I only got a very small taste due to my impending project meeting, but it was like drinking brown sugar caramel sauce. Two bottles came home with me for a time when I can enjoy them.

It was a great tasting, and since Lewis Wines is open in days when other wineries are closed, I’d encourage you to sneak in an early afternoon tasting.

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