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As part of my wine road trip to celebrate California Wine Month by visiting Texas wineries, I had to stop at Foyt Winery and Museum (website). Foyt doesn’t produce wine in Texas (yet), so the wine was from California. The museum portion wasn’t quite ready, but the winery does have some memorabilia. The private tasting room has quite a few items, which you can see at the end of this post.


I did not get a picture of the bottle, but this is a pinot noir blend. It was lovely to enjoy as we wandered around the tasting room looking at the race car and other memorabilia.

Chardonnay No. 67

This spends a limited amount of time on oak. It has a good apple and butter scent. The apple is more of a green apple – so tart and crisp. There’s a sparkling sensation to this wine.

This is from Los Carneros

“60th” Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon

My notes say “Valley Floor – Napa” after the word “Oakville” which doesn’t mean much to me having not studied the Napa terrain. However, this has a deep cherry flavor with a dry finish.

It doesn’t need food and is good on its own, which is the true test of a good cabernet for me.

This is part of their collector’s collection.

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon No. 77

This was the 2020 Napa Reserve from the Stag Leap District of Napa Valley. It had a deeper flavor than the Oakville Cabernet. It was excellent with the cheese and bread – but again, didn’t really need food.

This is the other bottle in their collector’s collection. The bottle itself is amazing, and there are more pictures below.

I have to admit that a bottle of this one came home for a special occasion.

GSM No. 97

This is a blend of 66% Grenache, 21% Syrah and 13% Mourvèdre. It has a good spice and a deep flavor, especially a dark deep cherry flavor. The spice in the salami brought out the spice in the wine.

Blanc du Blancs No. 1

This is a tart but sweet sparkling. It went well with everything on the tasting board – but especially well with the pickle.

Yes, I know, I’m weird. But I have yet t meet anyone who disagrees with me after trying it. Our tasting director had to get a pickle to try it and he agreed – it went well together.

This would be great for a party, especially if you’re watching the Indy 500.

Final Lap No. 93

This is a tawny port style wine. Good raisin and cherry scents. The taste of raisin was like that of a fruit cake – spicy and full bodied. It was really good with the cheese crackers.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are not a fan of racing, the tasting room in Fredericksburg is worth the visit. The wines may not be from Texas (yet) but AJ Foyt is from Houston, Texas and I like that he wants to return to his Texas roots. I also like that each wine is numbered to correspond with a specific number in Foyt’s life. I love the fact that the website not only provides tasting notes for each of the wines, but also an explanation of the numbers – plus when the grapes were harvested, the number of cases produced and other wine geek stats.

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