Other Fredericksburg’s Trip Tidbits

I decided to take a working vacation and head to the Hill Country for two weeks. This is about some of my non-wine related adventures, such as dinner at Locale 290, Pecan Street Brewing, Bryans on 290. Plus a few small wine adventures with Wedding Oak, Fat Ass and 1693 Distillery.

The Tasting House! A Winegrower’s Cottage

I stayed in Johnson City, as it was where I could find someplace that would let me bring my fur baby – and was reasonably priced. This black house (once you realize where it is) is unmissable, yet the traffic noise from Hwy 290 was really minimal. Hosted by Farmhouse Vineyards – you can find out more about staying at this AirBnB on their website. There’s even a couple of pictures of my fur baby.

Locale 290 Winery & Pizzeria

Wow! I hate to admit that in two weeks, I ate here three times. The pizza was just that good and the atmosphere was amazing. The owners are friendly and the food is fresh. They were newly opened when I visited, so no wine yet Check them out here. They are within walking distance of the house. BTW – the pizza didn’t get soft even with takeout and it was just as good the next day.

Pecan Street Brewing

About another block over from the pizzeria is Pecan Street Brewing. Great food, good atmosphere. I ended up eating here twice, despite not liking beer. I do like cider. Met friends one night and they are allergic to mushrooms. The server inquired if having fried mushroom in the same fryer was going to be an issue. They’ve eaten all over and have never been asked that question. Kudos to Pecan Street for being on point. The Texas Reuban on the pretzel bun is very craveable. Check out more of their menu here.

Wedding Oak Pick-Up Party

I was in town for the pick-up party for Wedding Oak, so I stopped by and had a glass of wine, some pulled pork and enjoyed the live music.

Fat Ass Winery

Met friends here as it is a defined location on Hwy 290. Not my glass of wine really – but the brisket nachos were good. I had a forgettable glass of Malbec. Unfortunately, while the live band was good on a Saturday afternoon – the buses, limos, and other vehicles full of bachelorettes kept us from being able to talk – so we headed elsewhere. I might go back to do a tasting – or I might not. Probably not.

1693 Distillery

After we left Fat Ass, we headed over to the distillery sometimes called Luckenbach Road Whiskey. I tried the fruity red drink as I knew I had other places to go after we parted. But I did try sips of the whiskey – not bad. By the way – 1693 refers to the height above sea level where the distillery sits.

Final Thoughts

While some of these deserved their own post, I thought gathering them together as they weren’t really wineries was fair. Ok, technically Fat Ass is a winery and a brewery, but I’d put it in the category of party barn compared to other locations in the area.

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