19 Crimes Cabernet

Another surprise from Jason at Red Barn Winery & Tasting Room.

This is a Thursday wine, despite it’s provenance. Which, is actually Australian. While I had known that Australia’s history included being a penal colony for the British Empire (rumor has it somewhere in the family tree is a branch that extends that far), I didn’t actually know about the 19 Crimes. A fascinating read on their website. The Cabernet features Michael Harrington, who is infamous for his attempted escape from Australia.

A fitting face for the wine. It’s an escape from the ordinary cab. While its been described as full-bodied and fruity – I’d say it’s more of an in your face, no holds barred Tuesday priced wine that is actually a Friday wine.

The depth is amazing and the label and ownership (Snoop Dogg) causes some people to not take it seriously, this Southern girl included. However, much like many misconceptions this one should be broken. It’s a better wine than what the label leads you to believe.

So, pull this one out for a Friday night, or a Saturday dinner with friends – which if you want them to believe you spent more then decant it and hide the bottles. Then tell them what they drank after they rave about the amazing wine you spent too much money on.

Final Thoughts

However, a fun fact is that everyone on the the labels has been convicted of a crime – though they may not be one of the original 19…. felony possession and intent to sell (cocaine) and conspiracy and obstruction of justice weren’t in the original list, but I suppose they could be considered Number 18 which deals with incorrigible rogues – “An incorrigible rogue is also anyone that was previously convicted as a rogue or vagabond, and resists apprehension.”

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