2021 Brennan Vineyards Viognier

During the last class in the series with the Texas Wine School (website) we tried the last wines. The first being Brennan Estate Vineyards Viognier (website).

The tasting notes say:

A blend of 75% Viognier and 25% Semillion from Newburg (estate) Vineyard in Comanche County fermented with a combination of wild and cultured yeasts. Pale gold with aromas of nectarines, limes and pears. Weight on palate yet silky mouthfeel with more stone fruits on the finish. 15.3% ABV. 3.36 pH

My Notes

I didn’t read the tasting notes prior to class (I know, I’m a bad student), so I was surprised it was part Semillon – but that might be why I liked it so much. It is a very light color – if I had to classify it by the chart I’d call it straw. It had a light spice scent, maybe some butter (or margarine – I couldn’t decide) and apple. Turns out – I should have been smelling bitter lime. Once that was said – I could, but my brain didn’t register it at first.

As for taste – a bit of citrus for me – but none of the tropical flavors I should have picked up on. Maybe I had too much mango orange juice for breakfast and my tongue was numb to it. Nor did I pick up on the apricot flavor.

Final Thoughts

This Viognier is not available via Brennan Vineyards website. Which is a shame as I noted it was “very drinkable.”

Todd Webster is the winemaker and apparently he prefers a “riper style” of wine with a higher alcohol content. This would explain the comment from another that it smelled like brie rind.

Truthfully, I liked this better two days later after it had been put back in the ice box. It had more of a buttery flavor like a chardonnay – which is a quite cliché comparison. But I think what I mean is that the flavors had developed more for me as I did pick up more o some of the tropical flavors after the initial butter on the tip of the tongue.

Overall, it was a great Saturday night, dinner (and Hulu) chill at home wine. So, it would probably end up with a true ranking of a Tuesday.

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