Maison Saint Aix 2020 Aix Rosé

This is a dry Rosé. It’s not a sitting on the porch sipping in the sunshine Rosé. It’s a take me seriously and pair me with food Rosé.

That still didn’t stop me from sitting on the porch and sipping this in honor of Rosé day.

Paired with some cheese and nibbles, it was a delightful Tuesday wine (both in price and day to drink).

I had non-drinking houseguests so I was late in celebrating Rosé day – it had to wait until Tuesday. But it was worth the wait.

While the taste didn’t tickly my palette as much as I’d have liked, the scent of the wine was divine. A Rosé that reminded me of roses in early morning sunshine.

I will suggest chilling this wine overnight as it is truly best served ice cold.

This was almost too dry for the heat of the end of the day. I’d call it more of a fall Rosé, but that might be due to it being a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault grapes. As one of the first Rosé wines from Provence France I’ve tried, I’d have to give it a solid B if I was rating it. It is definitely different than other Rosé wines I’ve had.

It’s a nice one for picnicking or as a gift if you know your recipient doesn’t like sweet wines.

However – watch the year when you’re buying. Some of the earlier years (2019 for example) have a higher price point.

Final Thoughts

My third-cousin (twice removed) Dearl teasingly asked me recently what wine to pair with smoked chicken wings at his niece’s “pool” birthday party. I made some suggestions. Turns out his wife doesn’t like reds. [Well, she’s the demographic that all the new hard seltzers appeals to… you know, the friend of yours in junior high who used to steal her big sister’s wine coolers….] This would be the perfect Rosé to go with smoked chicken wings for those at the party that didn’t want a sticky sweet Rosé. Just stay way from the ranch dressing. Not too sure it would pair well…

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