Rosé Day

Happy Rosé Day!

Introduced by the Swedish Rosé house Bodvár as a way to celebrate Rosé, which is a perfect wine for midsummer, it is celebrated the second Saturday in June.

Rosé is NOT made by mixing red and white wine. That is a faux pas in wine making and at parties. Instead, since it is the skins of the grapes that determine the color of the wine, red grapes are pressed, but the skins are only left in with the juice until the desired color of pink is achieved. As a fan of pink (in case you hadn’t noticed), it might come as a surprise that I’m not a huge fan of Rosé. Though, when it is sweltering outside and you need something cool and sweet, a Rosé is a better option than a crisp Pinot Grigio or buttery Chardonnay. has a great article called “10 Shades of Rosé” that explains all the different types. As a data geek in my work life, the chart at the bottom of the page appeals to me showing the different shades. While the article is a little old (2015), it’s one of the ones I like to use to explain Rosé. Wine Folly has two good ones too, with “Many Different Shades of Rosé Wine” and “A Guide to 10 Different Styles of Rosé Wine.” Another misconception is that Rosé wines are only sparkling. While the sparkling variety may be more well known, both still and sparkling versions of Rosé are made.

Final Thoughts

Mark your calendars for 2023 and get ready for Rosé day. After all, what a wonderful excuse for a party to kick off the summer. And while no true southern girl needs an excuse for a party, this ensures the ability to have cute invitations and lots of Pinterest crafts.

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