La Jolie Fleur Rosé Mediterranee

This is from one of the newest regions in Provence France, and is part of the Gallo Family of wines luxury collection. It was served during the July wine dinner at Randy’s Steakhouse with, what else, Randy’s Hors D’Oevres.

This wine is so light in color I almost wouldn’t call it a rosé. It has an acidic nose but you can taste the sugar in it. It’s acidly sweet like your ex-sister-in-law. It has the flavors of watermelon rind, nectarine and green apple.

It went really well with the fried meatball, even better with the empanada (shrimp/curry?) and ok with the caprese skewer.

Final Thoughts

This is what I think of when I think of French picnic wine, which puts it in the porch pounder category, and with a less than $20/bottle price point it fits. But it would go well with a Thai curry on Tuesday. Personally, I’d put it with Oysters Gilhooley, but that’s just me. [Recipe here] Although since Gilhooley’s is not a BYOB establishment, I’d need to get the oysters to go, or settle for a Shiner Blonde when I get a craving for the oysters.

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