Infamous Goose – Sauvignon Blanc

This was a gift from a friend at Christmas. I’m not sure why I waited so long to try it. It’s from Marlborough New Zealand. I paired it with “Blackened Scallops with Charred Brussels Sprouts and Corn” from the September edition of Food & Wine Magazine (recipe here) on a Wednesday night.

The wine had a fruit forward scent with green apples and lime. The taste was sweet tart with a mineral finish. Yet the apple flavor lingers. It has almost a cloudberry flavor on the long finish.

I quite liked it. And it paired well with the recipe. It went well with the corn and peppers. Paired with the brussels sprouts and was excellent with the scallops. It cooled the spice but brought it out on the finish.

A perfect Wednesday night dinner (both the wine and the recipe).

Final Thoughts

Food & Wine recommended a different Sauvignon Blanc, but this is what I had chilled – so it was perfect.

I loved the back label, so I had to share it. I’m sure its one of the reasons this wine was chosen as a gift. And it is a perfect gifting wine.

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