McPherson Cellars – 2021 Les Copains

To finish out the series of classes with Texas Wine School (website) we tried Kim McPherson’s Dry Rosé – Les Copains.

The tasting notes say:

Blend of 55% Cinsault, 45% Grenache made in a French dry Rosé stye with very limited skin contact like the wines of Rhône Valley and Provence yields delicate aromatics of strawberry, Meyer lemon, wildflowers, watermelon with a finish with pleasant acidity. 12.8% ABV. ~3.5 pH, <0.5% RS.

The website says

This is a dry rosé of opulent fruit and aromatics: think strawberry, Meyer lemon, wildflowers, and watermelon with a finish that is both creamy and tingles with good acidity for optimal food pairing and porch drinking alike! (website)

My Notes

This really has a very floral scent to it and a lovely salmony/rose color. It reminds me of a 1980s perfume, but I can’t place it – just know I’ve smelled it while at my grandmother’s house for the holidays. That isn’t a complaint – just irritated I can’t place the scent.

The flavor is very peachy – but more to the part of the peach near the pit than near the skin. The class listed flavors of watermelon, strawberry and even nectarine. But for me, peach and floral were what dominated my flavors, with a hint of pear.

Final Thoughts

This is similar to the Los Espines (review here) that I tried while at the tasting room.

One person in class said “this is not your mother’s rosé” and I would agree. It’s not a porch pounder – it’s very much a lighter style of rosé with more of a dry aspect to it than the rosés most known.

It reminded me of the Maison Saint Aix Rosé I had earlier this summer. More of a typical European rosé. Definitely a Wednesday wine.

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