The Red Barn Winery & Tasting Room

While it doesn’t quite qualify as a winery yet, owner Jason was eager to talk about his plans for the vineyard and distillery just outside Hubbard, TX. 

We opted for a flight – one red, one white.  Since Red Barn doesn’t yet produce it’s own wine, it keeps a very eclectic selection of wines on hand.  In fact, for a town about a half hour from Waco and an hour and a half from the DFW metroplex, the wine selection was on par with the best “wine bars” in the suburbs.  And honestly, you can’t beat the hometown atmosphere.  By the end of our evening there we’d had some great chats with the locals.

Plus, with board games and dominoes on hand, Connie has the dining room set-up more like you’re hanging out at her house.  Comfy chairs, sofas and tables make the atmosphere relaxed.

I asked Jason to just pick for me and when he went wrong, I’d choose.  I never made a choice.  You can read about the wines he chose in upcoming posts.  He made me guess what he was serving me and wouldn’t show me the bottle until I guessed. I’ll be honest, I didn’t always get it right and I tried wines I would have normally ignored.

Let me mention the food.  While the cheese board might be frowned upon by those that expect gourmet brie and expensive gruyere – it was the perfect Friday night snack with wine. The brisket potato mash was craveable and went well with the Tempranillo Jason recommended.  The brisket sliders that went out to one table looked amazing and the wings that Patty picked up for takeout smelled just as good.

Don’t let the fact that this is in a small town (less than 2,000 population) fool you.  The fact that the town is small is inconsequential because the food, service and wine is as good as anything you’ll find in the DFW area.  (Well, service is better, I can’t think of a single gastropub where the owner would spend an hour talking wine with me.) Tell Jason or Connie what you like and them choose something for you.  You won’t be disappointed.

Final Thoughts

The Tasting Room is located on the main drag (Magnolia Ave AKA Hwy 171) at the corner of Third street.  There is an antique store attached, that I didn’t visit, but look forward to heading back next time I’m in the area, or I have friends who need a day trip out of the metroplex heat this summer. The drive is lovely, and the Victorian architecture in town is worth a drive around.

I also look forward to Jason’s Peach Wine, Watermelon Wine and maybe even a Banana Wine, while he waits for his vines to establish themselves.

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