Bread & Butter Prosecco

It’s Friday night – and this was the cellar lottery winner to go with the delivery pizza. Now, before you cringe at the thought of this being paired with greasy pepperoni – fear not – it was paired with a 6-cheese pizza with a butter garlic sauce instead of a red sauce.

With it’s fruity scent and Chardonnay undertones (butter), this sweet Prosecco has little bubbles. It’s very sugary, yet not overwhelming.

It went really well with the BBQ sauce on the chicken my darling husband ordered. And it was amazing with the bacon with the BBQ sauce. But it has to be a sweet BBQ sauce – not a spicy or vinegar based one.

And yes – it went well with the garlic cheese pizza.

Final Thoughts

This is a perfect Southern Baby Shower Prosecco. Not only is the name (bread & butter) a play on a traditional kids sandwich, its light, sweet and perfect for those who like both sweet and not-too sweet. Originally, I thought perfect for a picnic, so if you aren’t to the baby shower stage yet – consider a picnic instead.

The wine maker describes this as “This DOC Prosecco made in a small town in Italy near Venice is shimmering, delicately-fruity, and persistent. … How we recommend you enjoy it: This wine goes well with flavorful breads, mild cheeses, and plenty of laughs with friends and family. Remember, this wine is easy to pop. Don’t overthink it.” (link)

I would agree, which is why we drank it out of vintage high-balls instead of flutes.

(But I loved that it still has a tax stamp on it, so I had to snap it before we opened it.)

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