Tall Dark Stranger

Don’t you just love the name of this wine? It implies something mysterious. Is this a Mysterious Malbec?

I’m not sure if it’s mysterious or not but it doesn’t smell like your typical Malbec at first. However, this 2020 vintage is spicy, earthy and has a sugary grape scent – much like other Argentinian Malbecs.

However, the flavor matches the scent, which doesn’t always happen.

It’s juicy and full bodied and went really well with the spicy steak and butternut squash, which had cajun seasoning and pecans.

It got even better as it had a chance to breathe. And I enjoyed just sitting and sipping on this Wednesday wine. Although it went really well with chocolate too.

I don’t have too many notes because I just enjoyed drinking this one

Final Thoughts

This was a gift from a neighbor, who knows we enjoy Malbecs, for helping out with a project. It was a perfect gift, as it was surprisingly good for a novelty name. And it is one I’d seek out at the store again.

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