2009 MontGras Quatro

This was a cellar lottery winner to go with another Lazy Dog TV Dinner. There’s just something decadent about pairing an amazing wine with a TV dinner (even if it is a gourmet one).

The cork had a vinegar smell, so we were in fear that perhaps we had waited to long on this one, since its over 10-years old.

But the wine poured almost pure black with a fruity smell. It has undertones of tobacco and vanilla. It has a great flavor and a surprising amount of depth. It’s a full-bodied, big bold wine.

You can taste the berry and vanilla of the wine with dark cherry, plum and stone fruit coming out.

The chicken parm brought out the spiciness of the wine and wine enhanced the flavor.

It was surprisingly good with the chocolate/nutella brownie (which I normally avoid).

Final Thoughts

This wine smells like your old-school steakhouse that you went to for special occasions.

Surprisingly it was a 2011 Wine Enthusiast Wine of the Year. It scored 90 points and according Wine Enthusiast is a not only a good buy, but consistent year-over-year. (link)

This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Carménère, and Syrah. It’s from Chile. But if you really wanted to impress your friends – decant this into a cut glass (or crystal) decanter and serve it with a steak. They’ll never guess it’s from Chile as it drinks like an old school Bordeaux.

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