2019 Ramble On by Farmhouse Vineyards

This is from the winter Farmhouse Vineyards wine club box. I really did this red blend a disservice pairing it with poutine. Both were good on their own – but not together.

At first the wine had no scent – but as it opened up you got a hint of spice – kind of like Nana’s kitchen after Thanksgiving when she’s baking zucchini bread.

It’s very fruity with a dry finish. You might think brambleberry based on the name but it’s more “Raspberry Noir” (deep raspberry).

Farmhouse Vineyards (link) describes it as “Ramble on is layered with flavorful depth; dark Fall berries & forest loam rise up to greet your palate.” With 71% Tempranillo, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 7% Cinsaut this wine really deserved a steak – or as Farmhouse says on their site – “Family style Italian dishes or gourmet sausages.”

Final Thoughts

The brown gravy of the poutine (about poutine) brought out the fruity/floral flavor of the wine, while the cheese curds brought out the spice and dryness. As you can see in the picture the color of the wine is amazing and really reflects the “raspberry noir” vibe. All in all, a great wine that got paired with what my husband was craving. It went better with the movie we watched that Friday night than the food. Although, to be honest I might pair Farmhouse Vineyard’s Prohibition Rosé with poutine in the future just to try it. Curious what you think….

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