Daou Vineyards, Soul of a Lion

If you read my post on the Daou Rosé, then you know that I noted that Daou had an interesting history. I didn’t go into details, but essentially one of the sons visited California (Paso Robles to be exact) and decided it would be a good place to grow wine. The family had emigrated from Lebanon to France. The father decided it would be a good idea, so the family moved to California. This wine is named in honor of the father. You can read a much better telling of the story on the Daou Vineyards website, here.

The Wine

This wine was served in between the main course and dessert – with no food pairing. It was served in a glass in which you would normally serve port (so a small glass). The reason behind it – well, it’s an expensive wine. It’s close to the ~$200/bottle range and difficult to obtain. It also happened to come in a very large bottle – one that holds 4 regular bottles of wine. That makes it the Imperial – which puts it up to the $1,200/bottle price point and where you’re going to need your cousin Nora Jean’s ex-husband to order for you on his account as a chef at the country club (because it’s restaurant only).

Final Thoughts

I know I haven’t said much about the wine itself, but honestly it wasn’t my cup of tea. My husband loved it. But he loves the big Bordeaux style. I might of liked it if I hadn’t had the other two reds already. If I had started with that one I wouldn’t have put into a Tuesday category. I would have put it more in the Friday, maybe Saturday category. Now knowing the pricing and where I can/cannot buy it’s a solid Special Occasion wine.

This is for those Southern girls that have Burgundy for their place setting and Francis I for their serving pieces. You know who you are… it’s your Aunt Patty who has never shopped anywhere but Niemen Marcus. It’s a Bordeaux in the mouth and California on the wallet.

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