Sandy Road 2023 Grenache Rosé 

It’s summertime, so it’s time for rosé.

I paired this rosé with leftovers from a dinner out with friends. We’d had Mediterranean, and that meant leftover baba ghanoush, hummus, Kafka, rice and a few other odds and ends.

The wine smells like roses and cucumber. It tastes really fruity and is very refreshing.

It went really well with the baba ghanoush (grilled mushed eggplant and spices). The hummus made it a bit sweet tart in flavor. The Kafka brought out the spice with the rosé. And this meant it went well with the tzatziki sauce, which is made with cucumber, yogurt, lemon, olive oil & herbs.

Final Thoughts

I probably wasted this wine on leftovers, as it was good enough to deserve a special occasion, like drinks with the girls, or something like a Friday night dinner with shrimp scampi. However, I really enjoyed it on Sunday night with leftovers, and if that isn’t what you’re supposed to do with wine – then I don’t know what you are supposed to do….

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