Vine & Dine at Carter Creek

Quite by accident I stumbled across the announcement about the wine dinner at Carter Creek (website). We made reservations two days before the dinner and I was afraid we would miss out. Unlike the metroplex, the dinner was actually limited and there were three couples (including us). We were probably more raucous than some of the people on the lawn enjoying the concert, but we had a great time and I feel like we made new friends. The food was amazing and this is the dinner that made me love grilled octopus. The food was really good and the intimate tables with views of the hill country was a bonus. (Especially as there was lightening and rain.)

Since Carter Creek is a resort, we learned we could stay in the villas as they allow dogs. There is a spa, brewery, restaurant and event space. They have a nice stage for musical acts, but the thunderstorm prevented us from lingering after dinner to watch the band.

It’s hard to find information about the dinners, so you can see more here on All Events. I did pick up a bottle of Group Therapy for a friend.

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