Eccentric Malbec

Despite the odd name, this is an excellent wine. It’s the go to Sunday dinner wine for part of my family.

I’m really partial to Malbec, and especially ones from Mendoza Argentina. This one comes from Opi Sadler, of the La Mascota Winery.

So, when Momma Deb and Jay discovered that was my favorite, well, “Daddy Jay” had to go out and find some Malbecs for me. (After all, isn’t that what good southern daddies do for their daughters???)

We’ve been through several, but this one goes with just about anything Momma Deb makes for dinner – and I mean anything – from spaghetti with sausage and meatballs (made the New York way – since that’s where she’s from – but we love her anyway), to chicken tot pie (chicken pot pie topped with tater tots).

The wine is amazingly versatile and it does not taste like a Monday wine – which is where it falls in the price range.

What Malbec is supposed to taste like! 

-Total Wine

Final Thoughts

I’ve seen the quote several places, but will attribute it to the description at Total Wine. I completely agree. This is what Malbec is supposed to taste like! You could use this wine for a dinner party, serve it at a BBQ, give it as a gift. You really cannot go wrong with this wine – which is why I’m astonished I can’t find a review on some of the big name wine review sites. Bless Their Hearts – they don’t know what they are missing!

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