Hye Meadow Winery Visit

We got the chance to visit Hye Meadow Winery (website) when we recently stayed and Wrenwood Ranch (more). We love Wrenwood because they are close to everything and dog friendly. Hye Meadow is just down the road a bit from the ranch and easy to spot on Hwy 290. We just did a tasting, but Hye Meadow does offer a Production Tour and Tasting.

2021 Trebbiano

Their Notes: Pepperjack Vineyard, Texas High Plains; 100% Trebbiano aged in stainless steel

My Notes: Very appley scent with some petroleum on the nose. I got white peach with apple, citrus and bell pepper. It had a sweet finish. I’d give this one a Monday classification.

2019 Collo Rosso / Junkyard Red

Their Notes:

Violets and fresh cut hay mingled with cherry are pleasant on the nose, while prunes mingled with red fruits, dusty oak notes, and bright acidity finish out this Hye Meadow Classic. A blend of 45% Tempranillo, 35% Carignan, 20% Sangiovese

My Notes: Collo Rosso translates to roughly “red neck.” And since the name Junkyard Red is too close to another wineries name, they changed theirs. It’s an odd color with a very odd smell. Both the color and smell were “rusty.” So despite the acidity it tastes like BAMA strawberry jelly when your mom made your brother’s sandwich first and he had grape jelly and she didn’t clean the knife. Based on the scent I would have said it wasn’t drinkable. But having a taste after drinking the rosé it was much better. I gave it a Monday, as I need to try it out again.

2019 Nebbiolo

Their Notes: Sour cherry and herbaceous nose, high tannin, stewed and dried black cherry flavors

My Notes: Mainly neutral oak aged (90%) this is a ight red wine with a light body.. It tastes better than it smells. My partner in wine said it was like red twizzler and anise sours. I’d say its acidic with a lingering cranberry flavor. Overall – a Tuesday.

Rosato /Dry Rosé

Their notes: Soft cherry nose. Mid acid, long fruit forward finish and soft on the palate. Left on skins for only 4 hours and aged in stainless steel.

My Notes: Very much a mixed berry scent with added sweetness. I got a strawberry/peach bath bomb scent – so fruity with some salt. It had a sugary flavor with a fruity/strawberry finish. My partner in wine described it as “tap water with limestone.” I’ll agree to the minerality, but it does have a bit fruitier a flavor than tap water. Perfect for front porch sitting or by the pool/lake.

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Their Notes: High acidity, perfectly balanced tannins and a strawberry/cherry preserve, guide the palate to dark fruit and graphite culminating a perfect finish.

My Notes: We had a discussion with the person doing the tasting on the fact that this is a blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Aglianico and if that’s what made it taste different from other cabernet sauvignons. I’d say so, as this is a very approachable wine. Good cherry/cranberry scent with some green pepper. Its not a deep red color but the black pepper and green pepper are mouth watering. We decided this needed to be paired with a seared (heavy sear) pork chop on a Wednesday or Thursday night.

2018 Estate Tempranillo

Their Notes: Medium-Full Body, Bright Cherry, Cedar, Leather, Strong Tannins; Recommended pairings: Roasted meats, lasagna, Manchego cheese and pizza

My Notes: This is grown on approximately 5-6 acres in the Hill Country – I just photographed the wrong bottle. It has a big flavor of pepper (green), dust and spicy leather. Its very smooth and what could be considered a ‘gateway Tempranillo’. It’s similar to a Pinot Noir, but with some acetone on the first sip. That goes away making it a perfect Tuesday/Wednesday wine.


Their Notes: Fruit forward, strawberry, spiced and bright acid.  Suggested pairings of Tomato based dishes; such as, red pasta and pizza.  Excellent with cheese.

My Notes: Notes of tobacco, leather with a little salt water – think “Old Spice” cologne. There’s some cherry flavor with the cinnamon spice of a jelly bean. I really enjoyed it and noted that it would be perfect for a Friday night.

2018 Boom

Their Notes: Beautiful French oak highlights add a savory note to this fruit forward crème brulee and cherry juice cranberry fusion. An ambrosian blend to be sure! Aged for 24 months in 40% New French oak 60% neutral

My Notes: A blend of Negroamaro, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Aglianico from the Texas High Plains. You’ll want a candle of this wine. It smells divine. It is very drinkable (almost too much so) and has notes of blackberry, cherry, tobacco and plum. This is a date night wine. The 2017 vintage was the Houston Rodeo Saddle winner in 2022. I can see why.


Their Notes: Dessert wine made from 100% Malvasia Bianca from Dandy Vineyard, Texas High Plains

My Notes: Grown at Reddy Vineyards in the Texas High Plains, the dessert wine has notes of orange rind and vanilla blossoms. It aged 4.5 years in neutral oak which makes it too easy to drink as it has no bitterness to it. It’s perfect for sitting on the porch on Friday night, watching the sun set and enjoying a fruit tart. Up to you if you share with the neighbors. (I probably would not – it’s that good.)

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Hye Meadow Winery, as it’s not one I’ve heard much about. However, I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine and the knowledge and friendliness of the tasting room staff. Despite being busy, we were never ignored and the tasting moved a good pace (not rushed but not overly drawn out). I’d highly recommend it for an afternoon tasting, as the grounds are also quite pretty – so I can see myself sitting on the patio when it warms up a bit.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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