The Spanish Quarter

This is an amazing blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s an easy one to find as it is available at most liquor stores and some grocery stores, but it’s not easy to find much on the wine itself. I finally found Cara Rutheford’s post on the 2012 vintage, which had information on the winery and some history. She recommends drinking within 3 years of buying. I recommend drinking it on Wednesday. Although it would make a good Sunday dinner if you’re having a roast. It would also be a great date night wine if you make your own Paella.

Jason (Red Barn Winery & Tasting Room) kicked off the red flight with this one. It was a great introduction. Had he not told me it was a blend, I don’t think I would have known. But the blend is subtle, unlike your cousin’s ex-husband, so be prepared to tell your fellow drinkers what it is, or just let them enjoy the bold flavor.

Final Thoughts

This will make a perfect Dinner Party wine since the price point is a good one (~$10) and you could have 12 to dinner and not break the bank, but still impress your guests with a fancy-schmancy wine.

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