Tara Vineyards 2022 Blanc du Bois Dry

I tasted Tara Vineyards’ selections (more) during a recent Texas Winos event. My friend and I loved the wine, so I came home with a bottle. Now, one of the reasons I wanted to try the Blanc du Bois outside the tastings is that its an American hybrid grape that is very hardy in the south. I won’t bore you with the details you can read more here.

The wine was amazing. It is so light yellow it almost looks clear. It has an acidic scent to start like key lime pie. I described it during my initial tasting as fruity with a good taste. It’s surprisingly full bodied for such a light colored wine. It’s dry, but makes your mouth water so you want to keep drinking it. (I should have bought two bottles.) Lots of citrus and freshness.

It went really well with the French Onion Chicken Risotto. (Yes, it was my week for meal planning and I might have been a little single minded with risotto twice in one week – but it is surprisingly simple to make.) And yes, deglazed the pan with a little bit of this wine but I don’t think that’s why the pairing worked so well. The risotto was super savory (French onion being a bit salty) so the light sweet to the wine balanced it well.

Final Thoughts

Now, having not tried a Blanc du Bois from another vineyard I can’t say if this is a typical one or not. But what I can say is that my Uncle Hugh, who drinks exclusively Pinot Grigio, could be talked into drinking this wine quite easily. In fact he might be converted to it.

This is an easy to drink wine that pairs well with friends, the porch and a book, or in my case – Dinner on Thursday night. I highly recommend contacting Tara Vineyards to get your hands on this wine before it sells out. Tara Vineyards

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