Overheard – Q1 2023

One of the great things about wine dinners, tastings and outings is the commentary you can overhear. I’ve decided to capture some of the best of the quarter for you. It’s not eavesdropping if they talk loud….

One of my absolute favorites is actually from years ago when I attended a wine festival that was just getting started (basically the first year of doing it). It had rained, so the ground in the tent outside was muddy, and the pours were generous. So while trying not to sink in the mud, I heard behind me in a most Texas accent:

“Did y’all get a new mailbox? I drove past your house and I swear y’all got a new mailbox.”


Nothing nearly as great this quarter but here are a few of the best:

“Oh, she’s speaking my language”

-unknown at wine dinner

This was overheard as the dining room quieted down for a moment – but no clue on who or what it referred to… and I don’t think language was meant literally….

“It’s got a funny little backend.”


Now, I quoted this one in my Texas Winos post – but I love the description so much that I actually use it now when describing wine (or recently beer).

“Not everybody wants to drop half a bill for a bottle of wine for a Thursday night.”

-Wine Rep at Unshackled Wine Dinner

I’d agree – but why not. Isn’t Thursday meant to celebrate the fact that it’s almost the end of the week? Besides, shouldn’t you just drink what you like. I get his point – he was trying to make sure the diners knew that Unshackled was the “affordable” line of wine from the Prisoner Wine Company.

I need to go car shopping…

Oh, like fun car shopping?

-Two ladies at the table next to me

What is “fun car shopping?” Apparently that’s when you’re looking at something better than a BMW. Too bad for the one lady who really just wants a new prius or other electric. After all the prius can “just park anywhere and zip in and out of all those Escalades and Broncos.” Too bad I didn’t have one of my friend’s cards – he makes car shopping fun and she could have gotten a new Chevy Volt for a better price than a used prius.

Well, I am a Tony Award Nominated Producer

-Gentleman during cocktail hour

Of course, he’s right, I’ve never heard of the musical…. nor can I remember the name…. but I can at least say (as my Grandmother would say) “I’ve rubbed elbows” with a Tony Nominated Producer….

“I’d rather sit with you guys….”

“No – Rotate”

-conversation between groups at a wine dinner

This one was just kind of weird. There was a group of 7 sitting in the bar waiting to be seated for dinner, so you’d presume they were all one big group. Nope – two tables. And one of the older gentlemen was commenting about sitting with the group at the 4 top table and got stuck with the younger couple at the table for three. SHE was very insistent that they needed to rotate who sat with whom. Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. We were seated near them and it was quieter than near the four-top.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to get insurance again. I mean I wrecked my truck and my *very expensive sedan* in the same month”

-fellow diner at a wine event

You know its sometimes nice to be put at a table with other people, and sometimes you just wish it was the person you knew. Well, this specific event put at least 4 to 6 couples together at a table. So, then what do you talk about? The weather? Yes. Travel? Yes. Cars? Yes. But when the conversation turns to how you just wrecked your very expensive sedan which I’m not naming by name since they really are only driven by rap stars and those with more money than sense… what do you say? I surprised him because he showed me a picture of his wrecked truck and I asked who did the lift kit on it. Apparently it came from the dealership that way….

I think the last one was one of the most interesting ones this quarter. What have you overheard?

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