My Favorite Oklahoma Wine

It turns out on the road trip my favorite wines were not from a winery – but from the father of an old family friend. When he lived in Texas I knew he home brewed beer (still does) but didn’t know about the wine. I also didn’t know he used to work for a winery in Montgomery County Texas. Seems there’s a lot I don’t know about Mike.

However, he was gracious enough to agree to let me review his wines. Or his daughter (my friend) convinced him somehow. Although, she wouldn’t let me try the wine with her face on the label… maybe another trip.

Ciao Bella Amaroni

This is a deep garnet color with a brown edge. The color matches the deep plum and cherry flavor. It has a high acidity to it, but not to the point of being overpowering – just enough to bring out the savory flavor.

This is a Friday night wine for me, or a date night, or Saturday with friends. For Mike and his family it’s an everyday – but I’d save my bottle for a special occasion.

Sauvignon Blanc

This is a what you would expect from a California Sauvignon Blanc – even if it is made in Oklahoma.

It’s clear, crisp, with a buttery taste. But not too buttery to be overdone. I got some green apple hints. It’s a Tuesday wine for me – only because I often need to reward myself on Tuesdays for making it through the day.

Blueberry Wine

While I’m not a huge fan of fruit wine – this tastes and smells like the blueberry muffins I bake for Christmas and Easter mornings. (The secret is the extra vanilla.) This wine embodies the sweet blueberry and vanilla flavors but isn’t overdone.

It’s the color blueberry juice (as you can see in the picture) a bright purple, but has a nice brown edge to it (much like my muffins).

Honestly, this is one I could drink all day and not count the glasses if it weren’t for the alcohol by volume. I wouldn’t call it a porch pounder, but it’s a good lazy Sunday afternoon in the hammock with a book wine.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I can’t wait to visit Darcy, Dave & the girls and Darcy’s parents Tomi & Mike again sometime. Not just for the great conversation and fun we have together, but to see if I can talk Mike into letting me try a few more wines. And I’m pretty sure my husband would like to try another beer or two.

He really is quite talented, but sadly he doesn’t sell his wines. They are just for friends and family to enjoy. However, if I were to open a winery, I know I’d want him on hand to guide me in winemaking. (Just a hint to any OKC wineries – although it will take a lot to pull him out of retirement.)

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