Cassaro Winery & Vineyard – Flight 2

Given that the winery & vineyard in Ovilla is only 32 miles (about 40 minutes) south of Downtown Dallas in light traffic (or only about an hour from the northern suburbs taking the tollway), this is a perfect excursion for those seeking great wine and good food. We didn’t stay for the music they offer on Friday and Saturday nights, but Joseph wasn’t kidding when he said we came at a good time. By the time we left (about 6 pm) the place was filling up and getting busy. So, here are the thoughts on the other five wines we tasted.


Their Notes: a bold, red wine with high tannins and is known for black fruit flavors such as blackberries and black cherries. This wine pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables. (Although, their website recommends diverse dishes such as duck and sausage.)

My Notes: I got the scent of strawberries really strongly with this one, which is odd since the Sangiovese (below) should have had more strawberry scent than this one. The scent and taste are “fresh” (what my notes say). It’s a Tuesday/Wednesday wine with a dry finish. I can see it with a nice grilled portobello mushroom topped with some herbed goat cheese.

Texano Superiore

Their Notes: Cassaro’s version of a Super Tuscan using our proprietary blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet wines and made from 100% Texas grapes. This wine epitomizes our slogan of “Blending Texas Wine with Italian Tradition”

My Notes: Sorry Joseph (and Dad), I’m just going to break from my Southern Belle roots and just come out and say it. Bless Your Heart, this was not a wine I liked. I could expand on why, but instead I’ll be sweet and share my notes on how the orangey-red color was captivating to watch change in the light. Luckily my tasting companion didn’t mind the wine, so he enjoyed my tasting. But not bad out of 10 wines to have one be a miss.

Classico Cabernet Sauvignon

Their Notes: a robust wine with dark fruits and solid tannin structure. This 100% Texas High Plains grape is a popular favorite of red wine aficionados

My Notes: Surprisingly I thought it was the cabernet in the Texano Superiore that I didn’t like. Yet, I really like this wine for it’s lack of tannins and dry finish. It was spicy and had a deep red color – which told me there was likely more Sangiovese in the Texano Superiore than Cabernet. This is a good wine for when you’re week is going well and can start to enjoy the weekend on Wednesday, or Thursday or just Friday.


Their Notes: exhibits hints of cherry, strawberry, and fig this 100% Texas wine is often fruit forward. Lightly colored with moderate tannins Sangiovese can be served with a wide variety of foods.

My Notes: Super sweet taste and a scent of brown sugar are characteristics of this Thursday wine. I got more of the sour cherry than the sweet cherry you might expect, which could explain why when blended with the cabernet, I really didn’t like it. This is a good Sangiovese for pizza or even burgers. I’d put it into the pantry category – something good to have around for unexpected guests as its likely to please anyone.

2017 Reserve Terroso Tempranillo

Their Notes: is 100% High Plains grape from an established family vineyard. Fruit forward aroma with hints of spice, pepper and berry. This wine has a complex structure with bold tannins.

My Notes: Despite the acrid scent (I’m beginning to think my nose was off during this tasting) this is a Wednesday wine. Again I got sugar as the first taste, while my tasting companion got chocolate. We both agreed that we’d put this with pulled pork barbeque.

He got a full glass of this one and it was amazing with the cheddar cheese from the charcuterie board, and the spicy pepperoni brought out the sweet berry flavor of the wine. Joseph, I don’t mean to offend your Dad when I say this, but this is the perfect wine for pizza rolls or the inexpensive party pizzas we all loved in college. But at the same time you could put it with a nicely done steak and a baked potato with sour cream and cheddar cheese. It would make a nice dinner party wine.

Final Thoughts

My tasting companion and I talked on the way home about how this was one of the better wine tastings at a winery we’d been to. Normally there are only 1 or 2 wines in a flight of 5 that we liked. And yet, out of two flights (10 wines) there was only 1 wine I didn’t like, and only one he wouldn’t really care to have again – however, if given a glass he’d drink it, but it wouldn’t be his first choice. While we only tried one of the charcuterie boards (they have several), I will definitely head back out for the pizza and live music. And now after having read a bit more on the winery – and knowing that John (the owner) has been in law enforcement, I definitely want to head back out for one of his true crime wine talks.

I also came home with a bottle of Avante Rosé, which is a Texas Sangiovese Rosé, which was only available by the bottle (or case) since it’s the one that won all the awards in (I believe) 2019. Look for that review in a month or two.

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