Bloom by Farmhouse Vineyards

The 2021 Bloom came as part of my quarterly subscription to Farmhouse Vineyards (website).

Their Notes: A Provencal style holding notes of early Oregon strawberry and Farmhouse raised watermelons. Cerise in color with wet rock finish, forever a tribute to our Cotton Pickin’ way of life. #BloomWhereYouArePlanted.

Full of sultry flavors like plum, fig, and dark berries. Ample tannins and smooth acids make this a fantastic match for smoked lamb. An excellent food wine, balanced acid with soft tannins lending itself to Americana home cooking – or the finest Charcuterie Board ever made.

My Notes

It starts out with a slight strawberry scent and then becomes floral. With Honey and light berry following along after.

The taste is best described as a twist of strawberry kiwi with vanilla custard.

It was perfect with the chicken cordon bleu, which brought out the floral of the wine. It has a “marshmallow fluff” softness in the mouth. The broccolini brought out the nuttiness of the wine. And the pepper just amps the flavor up.

This is a “Hump-Day” Rosé! Perfect for celebrating making it halfway through the week.

Final Thoughts

This is the perfect game night wine. While it was good with dinner – it was amazing with the garlic pretzels I snacked on after dinner. So this is the perfect wine to go with all those foods you crave on game night – popcorn, pretzels, mixed nuts, and probably even the chocolate covered raisins in the bridge mix.

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