West Texas Boyfriend

West Texas Boyfriend, by Farmhouse Vineyards, is a 100% Sparkling Malvasia Bianca (website). I have to share what is on the back label and the website:

Behold the “Boyfriend.” But wait … we have husbands?

Yet, they’re always on a tractor somewhere far, far away. Farmhouse Vineyards farms 18 locations scattered across 4 counties in West Texas. #Housewives play the role of farmhand, counselor, book keeper, chef, driver, janitorial services, laundress and more. At the end of a 20 hr harvest day, you just need a boyfriend – but one who doesn’t require all of “that”.

Sparkling in style via forced carbonation. The dry palate shows bracing acidity highlighted with soft flavors of lychee, apricot, and Asian pear. Bubbles traipse about your mouth leading into a finish – the equivalent of a Macy’s Day parade.

A crowd-pleaser for those who also have an infinity for craft brews or Bourbon. Clean and Crisp a Champagne Hound’s Delight.

Enjoy during a bubble bath or while eating Gorditas, the choice is yours – as Boyfriends should be. A stand-alone starter or Mimosa Mixer, either way, you cannot go wrong. Couple with spicy cuisine as a whole. Thai Food, Spicy Shrimp, or Real Mexican Food.

It seems I keep pairing Farmhouse Vineyards with takeout – but it just pairs so well.

I actually tried this for the first time during the Grape Festival in Brownfield, Tx and wasn’t too impressed. It’s amazing what a neutral scent location will do for your impressions.

I got melon and peach on the nose, while my husband said it was honeydew melon. The flavor is white grape and yeast, like a good crisp cava. With his Kung Pao chicken and my Eggplant with Garlic, this took on a very earthy smell.

I could have sat and drank it all night with just the scallion pancakes (not pictured).

It wasn’t bad with the Kung Pao, but my palate was overrun by the spicy pepper. However, I loved it with my eggplant.

Final Thoughts

This is the perfect sparkling for a party – especially a bridal shower or bachelorette party…. or just a girls only birthday party… Or enjoy alone and tell your friends you hung out with your boyfriend all night long on Saturday night.

Seriously though – it’s a great party wine because it will go with a wide range of foods and people with different sparkling preferences will enjoy it. I’m going to have to get a couple more bottles for ‘just because” nights. And to try it with something more exotic than takeout chinese.

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