Bell Springs 2019 Alicante Bouschet

This was a new wine type for me, and I’m grateful to the Texas Wine Club (website) for introducing it, and Bell Springs (website) to me.

According to Bell Springs: “Our 2019 Alicante Bouschet once again is the go-to wine to pair with the rich dishes we all enjoy during the cooler months here in Texas. Notes of blackberry pie with smoky oak undertones fill the glass. Rich and jammy in taste with some restrained white pepper and balanced tannins, this wine will pair well with herbed pork tenderloin with a pomegranate reduction sauce and all the fixings.”

I paired this wine with a balsamic chicken, stuffing, asparagus and tomatoes. I know, an odd choice of food, but sometimes you have to run with what’s in the pantry.

The scent was promising, and the spicy scent worked well with the balsamic reduction on the chicken. It was fruity with green pepper, black pepper and tobacco. My notes say Yum!!! It also has a lingering taste of earthy plum.

Believe it or not, it went really well with the stuffing and worked well at intensifying the balsamic on the otherwise plain chicken.

Final Thoughts

It went well with the tomatoes, which tells me it will go really well with a lasagna, or other hearty tomato dish. I can see it working equally as well with pesto. I noted that this would make a good Thanksgiving Dinner wine. But I wouldn’t serve it to my in-laws who don’t appreciate wine, on Thanksgiving or at Sunday Dinner. They’ll miss the subtle flavors and won’t get as much enjoyment out of it. Again, a Yum!!! rating. Though, truthfully, I think I’d enjoy this on a Friday night with a nice eggplant parm and garlic bread.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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