Wedding Oak – Castanet 2022

I picked up a bottle of Castanet at a recent stop at Wedding Oak Winery (more). This a dry rosé wine that Wedding Oak describes as having tasting notes of Cherry, Grapefruit, Almond Cake and aromas of Dried tropical fruit, White Flowers, Green Strawberry.

I definitely got the scent of strawberries. Very strawberry, almost an artificial scent like that of gum or jelly beans. It also had a good citrus smell, which I couldn’t place. Maybe it was grapefruit.

It went really well with the bacon brussels sprouts. In fact, it brought out the bacon flavor. The salmon was seasoned with steakhouse seasoning and baked, so it had a bit of spiciness to it. The wine both enhanced the spice and cooled the spice down.

Overall, a good Tuesday night pairing.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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