Mary’s Viognier

I picked up a bottle of this during my visit to the Triple D Winery & Event Center (website) in Brownfield, Texas.

During the tasting my notes were that it had less yeast – though I don’t say less yeast than what… I’ll presume one of the earlier wines, or another Texas Viognier I’ve tried. I noted that the Raspberry from the charcuterie tray brought out the spice in the wine. And then my notes go into what to pair it with…

I dubbed it a Tuesday wine and suggested pairing it with the following

  • Butternut Squash Risotto
  • Roasted Acorn or Spaghetti Squash
  • Oysters Rockefeller

Of course, I didn’t pair it with anything as exciting. Just a salmon wellington and asparagus. The wine is dry but sweet – not as sweet as Ty’s Viognier, but sweet like a crisp apple. The wine has a subtle floral scent but a peachy butter taste.

It was perfect with the salmon wellington – went really well with the lemon dill sauce inside the wellington and enhanced the lemon flavor. The salmon itself brought out the apple flavor of the wine. And it paired well with the asparagus.

Final Thoughts

While this was a perfect Wednesday night dinner – including the wine – I really wouldn’t mind trying it again with my butternut squash risotto when it gets a little cooler.

For those of you feeling inadequate for not being able to serve Salmon Wellington on a Wednesday night between work and kids and all that … then all I have to say to you is – Bless Your Heart. You really need to learn to shop the H-E-B heat and eat section better.

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