Clauren Ridge Flight 2

We didn’t take a tour of the vineyard and winery, although Clauren Ridge does offer them. You can find out more on their website.

In case you missed the write-up on the white flight, you can find it here. And now the reds…

Nodding Donkey Red Blend

Their Notes: A delightful blend of Syrah & Sangiovese, this wine had a unique spicy finish.

My Notes: You can smell the Sangiovese in this blend, but it is dry like a Syrah.

Perhaps true to it’s name, as Nodding Donkey can refer to an oil pumpjack, this has a vegetable oil overtone to it. And had notes of wet wool and hairspray. [But that could have been influenced by the patio]

Despite saying all that – put some peach brandy with this wine and some fruit and it will make an amazing sangria. I just don’t think I’d drink it straight again.

Joad’s Reply Reserve

Their Notes: Dark berry flavors, full-bodied with hints of smoke and hickory.

My Notes: This went really well with the white cheddar on the cheese board. Which was good since it started with a plain taste and then dried out my palate. It had a woody tastes -but more of a green wood, nothing smokey. It wasn’t as acrid as the Meritage and had more cherry and plum flavors. And the cherry flavor lingers on the tongue. Overall this a good Tuesday wine with a nice lasagna or chili mac.


Their Notes: Dry blend of four reds, complex with a spicy pepper finish

My Notes: My notes say it is definitely a distinct taste – but one I cannot place. It has a balsamic/apple cider vinegar smell to it. So when tasted with the tomato relish with the toasted ravioli it became really sweet. It went well with the sausage from the meat & cheese board. I distinctly noted it went well with the olives, as that brought out the earthiness.

It smells like it tastes and is a bit flat in the taste. My tasting companion likened it to tasting like the Red River. I’m not going to ask how he knows what the Red River tastes like – but I presume he means dirt.

It did have a peppery finish, but for the high hopes I placed on this one, it really didn’t deliver for me. However, it could be someone else’s glass of wine….

Synfully Sweet Red

Their Notes: Sweet, unique version of cabernet sauvignon. Starts sweet, finishes dry with a blackberry finish.

My Notes: Think of this as a port without the port kick. So, it’s not got the heady sugar and weight of a port, but it tastes like a port. It had a brown edge, so more of a tawny port than a ruby red, which makes sense with the acidity that hides in the sweetness. I said it had a raspberry finish. Food brings out a hint of spice. But this is a good option for people who want something for the porch, but don’t want to drink white.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the reds fared as well as the whites. So while, for once, there were fewer reds I enjoyed than whites the overall score would be a Monday/Tuesday for me on the reds. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be willing to try another vintage. I think I’d also like to try an unblended red from them, and maybe something not in a can.

Unfortunately you have to be in Oklahoma to find the wines outside the winery, since they currently do not ship anywhere. They also have some amazing wine dinners listed on their website, so it might be worth a weekend trip.

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