Whisper Path Cellars Roussanne

This came from the Texas Wine Club (more) and it seemed like the perfect fit for a Wednesday night dinner. I was not familiar with Whisper Path Cellars (website) but they are based near San Antonio.

They Say – both Texas Wine Club & the Whisper Path

This single-vineyard, single varietal wine is produced with 100% Roussanne grapes grown in the Texas High Plains.  Silky, smooth and rich best describe this straw-colored beauty…

The winery continues with:

that pairs wonderfully with seafood and shellfish as well as roast chicken and pork. 

I say:

I couldn’t agree more. It smelled of lemongrass and butter. And while the taste is a bit tart and a bit drying, it was full bodied. But it got better as it warmed up – and it didn’t even start off that cold.

Final Thoughts

The first word I used to describe this wine was “sunny” and I wasn’t just talking about the color – but it evoked a sense of summertime sunshine in my mind. The wine smoothed out the cajun spices on the salmon, it didn’t pair badly with the brussels sprouts (which are a tricky vegetable to match). It even went well with the slice of pecan pie for dessert. The sweetness of the pie brought out some of the tartness tempered by the salmon.

I’d describe it as “approachable.” It was perfect for a Wednesday night – but this Gold Medal Winner at the 2023 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo – would go just as well with roast chicken at Sunday dinner, or a Texas favorite – King Ranch Casserole. But it would be just as good with some Shrimp Etouffee. I’d pair it with fresh peach cobbler after dinner, with just a couple blackberries sprinkled on top of the cobbler in for tartness.

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