Lemon Drop Martini

Ok, so I know this isn’t a wine, but it was what was paired with the dessert course for the June Wine Dinner at Randy’s Steakhouse. He paired it with “no bake lemon cheesecake with raspberry sauce.”

If you were going to be truly southern you’d do lemon bars with raspberry sauce… but not everyone can master the art of a good lemon bar. The blog “back to my southern roots” has a great recipe (kinda like Grandma’s, but her secret was to add a drop or two of vanilla extract to the crust mix). Though you can’t go wrong with the tried and true Southern Living recipe.

However, I digress… back to the alcohol

I really wanted to drink this martini… not only was it pretty, but the two sips (and I mean sips – teeny tiny sips) were amazing. But alas, early morning meetings meant that I had to leave it to a friend to drink it. However, we did toast to our mutual friend Russ, whose love of lemon drops will always cause us to think of him when they are served. Cheers!

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