Blue Duck Winery Primativo

Another great tasting at the 10th Annual Vineyard Festival in Brownfield, Texas.

This wine from Blue Duck Winery had a slow sweet feel (silky) across the tongue with a slightly spicy finish. It’s one that leaves you wanting more. It’s fruity but with wood notes (pecan maybe?). It had the scent of warm bakelite. Overall I got a “warm fuzzy” feeling when drinking this wine. The kind of warm fuzzy feeling you get at Christmas.

I’d definitely pair this wine with steak. In fact, with the blackberry notes it would pair well with Randy’s Blackberry Filet. It’s a good solid Wednesday wine, but would work well for dinner with friends.

Final Thoughts

Blue Duck Winery is located in Cisco, Texas which is a little over 100 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas. The town is named for New York banker John Jay Cisco who arranged financing for the railroad when the town was founded in 1881 with the entry of the Texas and Pacific (T&P) Railway. Cisco is also home to the first hotel acquired by Conrad Hilton in 1919. And Cisco has been on my list of day trips for a while now, so now I have even more incentive to visit one weekend. I might need to pick up a bottle or two of this and try a couple other wines.

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