Le Tour de Bordeaux Wine Dinner

I’ll admit to falling for the description on Facebook. “Indulge in an unforgettable culinary experience at Toulouse Legacy West’s Le Tour de Bordeaux Wine Dinner. Embark on a journey through the heart of Bordeaux as we take you on a gastronomic adventure, carefully pairing each course with exceptional wines from this renowned region.”

Now, it might have been because I’d just been listening to Vine Pair’s podcast on Bordeaux that it stood out to me, or it could have been because I was hungry. Either way, my husband took the bait for once and booked reservations (website). Here’s what we thought. Firstly, I love that the wine rep (Keith from Aquitaine Wine Company) had a handout on the different wines, which included a map of Bordeaux and the regions within it. And I appreciated that he attempted to explain the terroir and growing conditions above the noise of the restaurant.



Wild caught King Fish, balsamic aioli, lemon and shallot mignonette, blood orange supreme, thinly sliced serrano peppers, chervil

JC Calvet Cremant de Bordeaux 2020

The Calvet had really fine bubbles and a good yeast flavor. The scent was very pear and brioche. It paired well with the blood oranges, especially with a little bit of the sea salt. The fish brought out the sugar of the wine, while the jalapeños deepened the flavor. This is one that I could have drunk all night long. So, it’s a good thing that it is being reintroduced to the US market. Since it’s not made in the champagne region it can’t be called that, but the winery does use the methode champenoise to make it. Probably why I loved it so much.



Maine lobster meat, thinly sliced Argentinian red prawns, thinly sliced cucumber and peach, fresh basil, whipped goat cheese, rose vinaigrette

Le Sec de Rayne Vigneau 2019

For me it started with an acidic plastic scent but the body of the wine is quite light – though it lingered on the palate.

It’s a wine that needs to be super cold to bring out the flavor. It also needs food. This isn’t one I could just sit down and sip all night. It starts with a citrus flavor but finishes with cane syrup. It was really good with the lobster and I noted it was good with the cucumber.

The notes say it has a nose of black current buds, white peaches (got that one) and agrumes (citrus in English – got that too). Supposedly there are flavors of grapefruit, flint and an “exquisite acidulous finish.” All I know is that I would have preferred another glass of the JC Calvet.



Roasted Truffled wild guinea hen, truffled buerre blanc, herb poached snap peas, carrot puree, roasted zucchini

Chateau Haut Rocher 2019 Saint Emilion Grand Cru

My dining companion likened this one to a pinot noir – and I’d agree.

We argued over the color as we waited for the food to arrive. I still attest it’s garnet, not ruby red. This wine was great because it smelled like it tasted, or should I say that you tasted what you smelled. My notes just say “Smell – YUM.” “Taste – YUM.” But I also noted (strangely) that I was craving a bit more astringency. The notes included a review from jamessuckling.com that says: Pretty nose of red plums, cherries, chocolate and praline. Medium-bodied with firm, plush tannins. Creamy, velvety and layered. Excellent texture.

I underlined praline with a note that I could taste it, and also bark. One of my notes I can’t read as its squeezed into the margin – but I did note it was great with the carrot puree and nearly orgasmic with the beurre blanc.



Roasted Australian Lamb, roasted sunburst squash, spinach and creme fraiche puree, blackberry demi glace, micro chervil

Chateau Lalande Saint-Julien 2020

It had a plum/cherry scent, which matches the notes about the wine which reference “ripe black fruits.”

My very first tasting note was that it was “odd with the radish.” It was good with the meat, but a bit acidic with spinach and squash. It wasn’t as good as the prior wine is my only other note on it. However, the notes from the rep quote Wine Enthusiast as saying to age this wine further and drink it in 2027.



Thinly sliced Hawaiian roasted pineapple, classic french puff pastry, whipped thyme-mascarpone, orange-creme fraiche, edible flowers

Chateau Laribotte Sauternes

This was sweeter than other Sauternes I’ve tried and very sugary. Yet very acidic.

The mascarpone-thyme had a good balance to the pineapple. The wine went a bit tart with the pineapple. But thought it was excellent with the mascarpone.

Then it looks like I have notes from the people around me.

Person number 2 said “I like it, but I wouldn’t order it. I’d drink it if someone else did.” I don’t recall if this was the couple to the left of me or the two ladies to the right of me. Either way person number 3 said ” It’s very good, I’d buy it.”

Final Thoughts 

So, did it live up to the hype?

I only have two complaints. The first being the queue for the ladies room. The second being that the intimate table for two is wonderful for dining, but not great if you want to make notes. So, if I do go back, I’ll make sure to ask for a spot with a bit more room, this way my handwriting isn’t so tiny I can’t read it.

The food, the wine, and the service was wonderful. Dinner was leisurely, like in Europe, yet coordinated so that everyone got their food and wine at the same time.

And I love that as we waited for all the diners to arrive we had a choice of a traditional French aperitif or an excellent Old Fashioned. (Main blog picture)

It was nice to try some French wines I had not tried before – as it gave me a broader education for my palate. So, I think the next time I spot one of the dinners is available, I’ll just book it and tell my husband after.

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